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 Be on 1st Page of Google with 7 Easy Steps

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PostSubject: Be on 1st Page of Google with 7 Easy Steps    2014-06-27, 11:01

Be on 1st Page of Google
is a requirement for a successful online business or website. Most of the SEO companies provides such services to make your site on 1st Page of Google search results by doing some Link Building and other menial work. Small or large business online provide such work to such SEO companies and it is also easy for them to do so, just you have to follow some proven SEO techniques.

To get Top 10 Ranking on most of the search engine, you can also do the manual work at yopur own for your website if you don’t want to pay such bucks to SEO companies. For such work , I have listed below the important points to follow to make your blog SEO ready. Following I have listed all the important SEO points that should be optimized well to get top ranking in any search engine.
Important Points to Be on 1st Page of Google

Keyword Density
URL of Article
ALT name
Heading tags

Focus on following 8 steps is to load your pages with as many “keywords” as possible to get Be on 1st Page of Google.
Steps to Be on 1st Page of Google

1. Keyword Density
Keyword is the most important aspect for the Good SEO practice. Before writing an article, decide first the topic of an article and research about the most searched or frequently searched

Total text ÷ Target Keywords= Keyword Density
Use this formula on your competitors web site and see how they score, then aim to beat that score.
Choose keywords that best relate to the information, products or services that you are offering. For instance, if I am designing a site about “Be on 1st Page of Google”, I want my site to include the words “Be on 1st Page of Google” as many times as possible.

However, most people don’t just search for just one word, they type phrases, so you should consider the phrases that best suit your sites target market. For example, if I am creating a site about “Be on 1st Page of Google” in New Orleans, I would include “Be on 1st Page of Google in New Orleans” in my keywords. Another way around this is to not separate my keywords with commas, just use spaces, and the Search Engines will make the phrases for you. The most important thing to remember is that the content of each page is different, so only use keywords pertaining to that page.

2. URL Text
Same as Title, use your target keyword inside the url of your content. Avoid ugly word in url. Keep it short as possible.

3. Description Meta tags
Meta Description is the second highest important part of the search results, search user generally read it and click on the link. So well written Description is much more effective. Use your targeted keyword once inside the Meta Description.

4. Title Tags
Title is the most important part of your site which is directly attract traffic. Well written title will boost your ranking and traffic 20 times than normal one. Your targeted keyword should appear in the Title of the Content, Title starting with the targeted Keyword added more value. Title should explain your content topic otherwise your bounce rate will be high. I recommend to use targeted keyword in title only one time.

5. Image Names
Your Images will be described by the Alt tag. Images are the windows to attract visitors to read the content. Good images will improve your visitor readership. But images without Alt tag is no use and Google can not identify it. I suggest to use your Target Keyword inside the Alt tag of all content images.

6. ALT tags
Alt tags are keywords that you can attach to images, giving more weight to the image since Search Engines can’t analyze the content of the image itself. Here is a chance to slip in more keywords without writing great content, use it.

7. Heading tags
Heading tags are associated with the bold font that leads into a section of text. Like this:
Be on 1st Page of Google
We offers 1st Page Ranking on Google for your Website…
Your heading tags should only be your keywords or consist your target keyword, and should be presented in the order that your Meta tags follow.
Try to utilize all 6 heading tags on each page to ensure maximum page optimization.

8. Content
Every one knows, around 70-80% traffic are from Search Engines, and Search engine loves the fresh content (not copied content), so try to write fresh and descriptive content on a topic you like with at least 2 images.

While choosing Content topic, try to cover evergreen topic which covers most of the audience from all countries, so that when people will read in future, they will show interest.

9. Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks are text links to other pages on your site. The rules of SEO and hyperlinks are easy:
• Use hyperlinks so the Search Engine will have a text link to follow to the next page
• Don’t use one word links, use long link phrases, preferably keyword phrases
• Use bullets, or some sort of small image that you can attach an ALT tag to, this will ad more importance to the link, and throw in a couple of free keywords for you.
Keep these 9 aspects in mind when designing a site, and you are sure to have a leg up on the competition to get Be on 1st Page of Google.

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Be on 1st Page of Google with 7 Easy Steps
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