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 Motorist Dragged Keke Napep Rider To Death On Apapa Road

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PostSubject: Motorist Dragged Keke Napep Rider To Death On Apapa Road   2014-06-18, 07:37

An unnamed motorist dragged a tricycle rider, Onu Kingsley, to death on Apapa Road, Ebute Meta area of Lagos State on Saturday evening.

A 28-year-old Enugu state resident, Onu Kingsley, dragged by the motorist to death on Apapa Road

The bloodcurdling incident occurred after the motorist driver allegedly had hit Kingsley's tricycle and injured one of his passengers. Despite Kingsley got off his vehicle and headed to the motorist to discuss the matter, the suspect continued his movement as if nothing had happened.

Trying to stop the fleeing offender, a 28-year-old Keke Napep (commercial trycicle) rider pulled him by the shirt but the driver, probably, raised the side car glass with the deceased's hand stuck inside the vehicle. Then he allegedly dragged him on the Apapa Road and crushed his body against a hurdle.

The legal practitioner handing Kinglsey Onu's case treats it as an apparent murder case. As the motorist understood the consequences of his actions from the very beginning and had an intent to kill Kingsley.

"Here, the suspect was not even provoked. He was the one who hit the passengers and was being confronted. He still sped off, brushing Onu's body on the concrete tars, peeling off his flesh in the process and turning his body to piles of meat. This is a clear case of murder."

It was gathered that the fatal outcome could have been avoided if the deceased was immediately rushed to the hospital. But instead of giving first aid to the victim, Kingsley, who had already stayed at least two hours on the crime scene, was interrogated at the police station. The man died on the way to the hospital. His friends say that Onu had only recently bought an application form to run a part time academic programme at the Yaba College of Technology before he died.
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PostSubject: Re: Motorist Dragged Keke Napep Rider To Death On Apapa Road   2014-06-18, 09:18

So sad.
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Motorist Dragged Keke Napep Rider To Death On Apapa Road
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