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 Important Factors Determining Online Reputation Management

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PostSubject: Important Factors Determining Online Reputation Management   2014-06-11, 16:52

Reputation has taken on a whole new meaning because of the Internet. Nowadays, it's effortless to know a person and form impressions of them based on how you see them online, through social media sites. It's so easy to tell how a person might be like based on status updates, shared photos, and their online interaction with other social media users. If you can know so much about a person through social media, what more if it's a business establishment?

Online reputation management

Online reputation management means that one pays close attention as to how a person, establishment, or organization appears online. It involves keeping a close watch on what is said about them on the Internet and responding to these reactions in a professional and positive manner. A lot of major brands now use the Internet as a way for them to reach out to their patrons. It's not just about having an official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, but more of keeping these accounts alive and interacting constantly with their followers.

There are many important factors concerning online reputation management. Here are some of the basics that falls under such kind of online management system:

1. Social media platforms

You've probably seen these words with some familiar brand names:

"Like us on Facebook"
"Follow us on Twitter"
"Follow our Instagram page"

These phrases are a way for brands to reach out to their customers and maintain their following, all while doing their best to hook in new patrons as well. Social media websites have become more popular than ever, because it's free to sign up, and it's the best way to interact with people who closely follow the brand. Using social media to manage online reputation can rake in big benefits. It's not just about being present on Facebook or Twitter, but making sure that those who manage social media accounts maintain an active interaction and response to customer feedback. Study how other major brands manage and maintain their social media interaction, and find ways on what works for your own brand.

2. Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Search Engine Results Page refers to the first results that crop up after doing a Google search on a product, service, or brand. One who does online management reputation must know how to utilize related brand keywords wisely so that the related pages instantly appear after doing a search for a brand name. Major social media networks prove to be authority sites in search engine results page, and therefore, knowing how to manage these social media accounts is a must.

3. Negativity

Not everything said online about a brand is positive. It happens most of the time that some negative reviews will pop up after doing a Google search about a product or service. This can't be helped, but what can be controlled is how the social media specialist responds to these negativity being said about their products and services. There are really some people out to say bad things about something, but do keep in mind that real complaints and issues must be addressed promptly. Your patrons must be assured that the management is doing their best to address their issues. A proactive way of responding to online negativity is a good thing.

4. Customer Involvement

Don't just let your customers shy away from your social media page. One way to keep them from visiting is to encourage customer involvement, like posting pictures or videos of using a brand's products and services and sharing them on the official page. Contests are also a good idea, as this means that a brand values customer loyalty and encourages new patrons as well.

5. PR Strategy

Come up with an active strategy that involves not just releasing news about your brand. Think out of the box when it comes to a specific and effective PR campaign for your brand, like keeping track with your partners and finding active sponsors to get the word out.

What people say about your brand cannot be totally controlled. But social media practitioners can control their brand image and make sure that they always appear to be positive and relevant for their patrons. All it takes is to manage their online presence and reputation in a wise, active, and constant manner.

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Important Factors Determining Online Reputation Management
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