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 Search Engine Optimization: Understanding Your SEO Figures

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PostSubject: Search Engine Optimization: Understanding Your SEO Figures    2014-06-11, 09:53

Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all to do with making your website more search engine friendly. When you run analytic programs it is usually to see how your SEO is coming along and how your website is doing regarding traffic numbers and such. Here are a few SEO terms that you may have heard and what they mean.

Unique Visitors
These are the amount of people who have looked at your web page. They are called unique visitors to give you a better idea of how many people actually visited as oppose to how many times the page was visited. It rules out the people who may have come back to your website several times in one day.

RSS Feed Visitors
This is a powerful metric that few people appreciate. If people are signed up to your RSS feed then they are doing so in order to keep up to date with the things you are posting on your website or blog. The fact that they keep coming back means you are doing something right and it is a very good sign for the health of your website if the RSS feed visitor numbers are slowly rising.

Bounce Rate
If people leave your website within three to ten seconds then it is considered a bounce. Sadly, the bounce rate is not a great judge of how bad your website is, as many people open up tabs on search engine results and do not get to your web page within ten seconds. Still, if you have a high bounce rate then something is going very wrong.

Loading Times
The loading time will affect your website SEO in a big way. Improving the loading time can see you shift a few places up the search engine results in a fairly short space of time. The loading time is measured from the initial render to the point where every element on the web page has been loaded up.

At the moment the render time is not measured and is not part of the Google SEO factor. However, there is a chance that in the future Google is going to find a way of measuring your render times. In anticipation of this you may want to find a way to lower your render times, such as putting the CSS3 as an external resource, but calling to it very early in the loading process (i.e. putting it near the top of page full of code).

Broken Links
If you have a lot of broken links then Google does not like it. If you have a lot of broken links within your website then Google gets very snippy about it. If you have a lot of broken links from other websites then Google may start to suspect that you have been spamming or doing some other form of black-hat SEO.

Followed Backlinks
The backlinks for your website come from other websites (other domains). If they are followed then Google will index them and they will help your SEO so that your website goes a little further up the search engine results pages. All HTML links are automatically followed unless they are programmed otherwise for whatever reason.

No-Follow Backlinks
It is possible to add a tag to a backlink so that Google will not read it. It still works as a backlink for direct traffic but you will get no SEO benefit from it. When you see no follow links on your reports you need not worry. They are not bad things--in fact it is a good thing to have a lot of them. It is just that they are not adding to your SEO, and that is the main motivator behind people wanting followed links (because they want that search engine benefit).

Where is Your Traffic Coming From?
You can use analytic programs to see where the traffic for your website and for your blog is coming from. You can see if it is coming from other websites of the same nature, from directories, from search engines, from social media, etc. Knowing this may help you craft your next online marketing move.

For example, if you are getting a lot of traffic from search engines then it is a good idea to maintain that, but it may also be a good idea to start branching out into newer areas too. This has two benefits and the first is that you get more traffic on top of what you are getting now. The second benefit is that if you are ever suddenly knocked down the search engine results then you are not going to suffer as badly. These are just a few reasons why it is important to see where your traffic is coming from.

Details: here

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PostSubject: Re: Search Engine Optimization: Understanding Your SEO Figures    2014-06-11, 12:49

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Search Engine Optimization: Understanding Your SEO Figures
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