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 Optimize your Blog post for constant Flow of Traffic

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PostSubject: Optimize your Blog post for constant Flow of Traffic    2014-06-06, 10:57

Blogging isn’t all about writing sweet stories, Blogging isn’t all about keywords but there are some basic principles you need to observe in order to rank high for every post you make, here are some Blogging tips that would help you rank high for every post you make on your Blog.

1) Use of Keywords
Try using keywords for your Blog post and make sure you don’t stuff your Blog with too many keyword for it won’t be readable to users and thus you are breaking Google guidelines , you are then spamming.
Posting for search engine not for visitors could be at first interesting but later regretful.

Try using your target keyword on your title, and use subsidiary keywords on post, try bold or italicize some important keyword. You could anchor link some keywords for it also bring ranking to blog in some ways .
keyword is not dead try use them on your post and you would surely agree with me when Google it self wrote” content is the King“.

2) Internal links
Try linking each and every page on your blog in one way or another, if you share a post you try linking where you get the post from(source), especially if your post is about smart phone news and info, try linking where you get the update from.
Doing so would either make your readers thrust you that you share good information or would give you a reciprocal link in future to your blog.

Linking up pages together, or news together though for some while it would seem useless but it’s reward is coming.
When linking text use anchor keyword, dont link meaning less phrase, e.g Click here, enter here etc.

3) Use page description
This one is very important, if you are a wordpress user all you need do is install the all in one wordpress plugin, and you use the easy description adding pan to add description to your post.

the purpose of this description menu is to tell search engine what a particular page and blog is all about if description is missing in your blog, then search engine would be forced to pick up any page. In a random notion on your blog and thus would appera on your search result, some of which are picked are irrelevant or mere comments.

If you are using a wordpress blog, then its already easy to you in this case all you need do is to go get the wordpress all in one seo plugin. If your are using Vbulletin forum or Blogger blog, just try you best possible to make sure the meta description Is on every page and post.

4) Permalink
Recent shows that Google just picked up a new category known as the forbiding url, url that flows in too many depth e.g
That url won’t be indexed by any search engine, cause of its link structure,no matter what platform you use try your possible best that your site links are in good structure.

If you are using a wordpress blog, check your parmallink structure, it is advisable to use that which contain for it help on keywords some times on related post.

How to set permalinks on wordpress
Go to dashboard>settings>permalinks>post name and click on save changes.

5). Use keyword on every post
Trying using keywords for every post and hook up keywords that don’t only arrest the interest of users but also that of search engine, but this goes with a caution.
Users using Airtel would likely search for Airtel codes for checking data plan and recharge balance, but when you do Google keyword research you would see Airtel ussd codes for data and balance recharge not all users are familiar with ussd codes and when you use that phrase on your or as the title ,search engine would mark you as a spammer. That’s just the trap search engine uses to know those who goes for keyword but not visitors interest.
behold any user who searches for Airtel ussd codes for checking data and recharge balance would see yours with no ussd phrase.

Don’t stuf your title with keyword, post unique content , don’t repeat a particular keyword over and over again until it makes no sense.

6) Image optimization
If content don bring traffic then image would, imagine you searching for google glass on google image search, when you do so, you would see the site in which that image originates from, and some times user gets to click them and that’s a link to you.

Image alt tags are very important, try setting up image title and image alt tag, the alt tag helps in most cases when the browser couldn’t load the image, and a text would appear having the name of the image you want to use that didn’t show.
Be unique on using image, if creating images for every post is what you can do best then do it. Create new image, and when you do so leave a water mark of your site on it, change the image name o sitename_image name, so when it gets indexed any one who uses it would automatically link to your blog via the image.

Bonus Tips
In every thing there is, blogging is fun blog like you want to share a real ideal, a real taught and your own perspective of what you think. And lastly blog what you can offer, what you feel that space is missing with out your ideal or taught and you would see if you would not excel in your Bloging career

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Optimize your Blog post for constant Flow of Traffic
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