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 Tips To Reduce Our Website's Bounce Rate

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PostSubject: Tips To Reduce Our Website's Bounce Rate    2014-06-05, 11:20

Websites are mainly designed to represent one's business perspective. It is the best way to represent ‘what you offer', your services, and achievements. As now everyone go through the internet to find their perfect choice, it is more important to focus on business over internet. So companies focusing on web business must have the idea about bounce rate.

The term refers to the percentage of visitors seeing one page and leave without continuing to the website, i.e. visitors are not much interested in seeing the other pages in the same site. This shows the measurement, of effectiveness of a website. People come to your website and does not want to know about your business and go to another link having a different web link. One page's performance and effectiveness get determined by visitors' interest. If a web page has a high percentage of bounce rate then your audiences do not want to view further, and if one page having low percentage of this means it has an effective way to make people visit other pages and look deeper towards all pages. Most importantly, you should concentrate on the landing page so that one audience gets the incentive for exploring other pages and ideas you offer.

It is determined that, the average bounce rate should 50 percent or less. If it’s more than 60 percent, changes are necessary for a website. If it exceeds 80 percent, then there is a serious problem with your website. Some reasons behind the problem might include different factors. Sites made on a single page, design, code, incorrect implementation and user’ behavior are some of them. From these errors, you can learn to improve content quality, message accuracy, and effectiveness. Basically, when one person comes to your site and he/she would not find proper information looking for then he/she choose to exit.

Visitors might think that content is confusing or, misleading. So it is better to leave the site without wasting much time. People having an e-commerce website must consider into this factor because, anything goes wrong means business profit becomes less.
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Viewing and researching all history, performance and goals you should track the record. Make quality content for your site, create better blogs, keep maximum retail, service, and focus on the landing page. These are the most important points to watch. With proper analysis and maintenance attract the right visitors (who want to get your product). Multiple landing pages and each having unique content and keywords are very impressive. For branded products, the top position is most required.

Apart from all these ‘attractive meta descriptions’ for search engine users is required because search engine picks keywords and meta descriptions first. The site should change with sensible organization, multiple color contrast adjustments, larger fonts & headlines to make easy reading. Speeding up page loading, and site layout improvement increases performance. All the featured ads distract a visitor, so try to lower them by blocking pop up ads, avoiding multimedia ads self-loading, and choosing static ad rather than the dynamic one. With all these factors improve your website performance and get more business.


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Tips To Reduce Our Website's Bounce Rate
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