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 girl vomits money in Ghana (Video)

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PostSubject: girl vomits money in Ghana (Video)   2014-03-21, 07:27

Family members of a young woman are in shock over her predicament after she disappeared for a week in January this year, only to return and begin vomiting money, broken bottles, nails, an egg and pins in church.

Nineteen-year-old Rebecca Ankobea, who is currently living on the premises of the church, Building Faith Ministry International (BFMI), has so far vomited close to GH¢50 in GH¢5 and GH¢1 denominations, as well as coins in 50Gp and 20Gp denominations.

Although Rebecca had  been living on the church premises at Lapaz in Accra for more than a month, it was not until last Friday that she allegedly began vomiting the items.

When the Daily Graphic visited the church Wednesday – March 19, Rebecca, who was wearing a brown long-sleeved dress and spotting a scruffy hair, was lying on a mattress in the church auditorium.


To prove that the story was not a fabrication, the church made available a number of videos showing her vomiting some of the items.

In one video, she vomited nails; in another she threw up broken bottles, while in yet another there was a folded GH¢1 note.

In several of the videos, she could be seen wincing in pain and agony, crawling on the floor, suffering a coughing fit before vomiting some of the items.

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PostSubject: Re: girl vomits money in Ghana (Video)   2014-03-21, 07:31

crazy just........
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girl vomits money in Ghana (Video)
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