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 Businesses you can start without big Capital

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PostSubject: Businesses you can start without big Capital    2013-08-10, 17:55

When considering profitable businesses to make money from there are good number of them, but not all can be started with little or no capital. In this post I make a list of 7 Profitable Businesses you can start without big Capital . These 7 Profitable Businesses
without big capital will put food on your table and turn your bank account into a money dumping ground. The good thing
about these 7 profitable businesses is that most of them requires no tax whatever, so you will keep 100% of the profits made for yourself. So, without wasting much of your time I will head over to the list of the 7 Profitable Businesses you can start without big Capital.

7 Profitable Businesses you can start without investing big Capital
#1. Sending Bul k SMS: Doing bulk SMS business brings in a lot of profits if you
know how to do it right. You can do the following tips when starting a bulk sms
1. Sign up with a bulk sms company with a reduced rate as affiliate (some offer
sms unit for as low as N0.85).
2. Through internet, get the telephone numbers of people living in a specific

area (the sms company can also help you with this)
3. Connect with companies for sms advertisements, also tell people in your area
about the new business and its benefits.
4. Send each sms for them at the rate of N3.00. Then make money.
#2. Home Barber: You can set up a mobile barbing salon with smaller capital and
yet make more money than those with shops. There is no tax to be paid, no
business premises, no shop rent etc. How?
1. Buy a good quality medium range
clipper for N8,000 or N10,000.
2. Contact people who doesn’t have
the time to go to barbing salon.
3. Offer then the extra service of
coming to their house on the agreed
4. Give them higher but attractive
price. And make money.
#3. Home Cl eaners: If you don’t
mind to humble yourself a bit, home
cleaning can put good food on your table and enable you make some savings.
1. Contact people who have no time to clean their house.
2. Discuss and agree on a price and payment period (you shuld make your price
3. Come to their house to clean it on the agreed days. And make your money at
the end of the day
#4. Printing Business: As a printer, it’s not conpulsary that you have a shop of
your own equipped with printing machines before you can make money. You can
do the following to kick-start the business
1. Look for a place to learn printing for 3 months at N10,000 or more.
2. Get jobs from company, supermarkets and individuals.
3. Collect mobilization (usually 70 percent of the whole money).
4. Connect with printers with shops and equipments and pay them rental fee.
5. Print the job for your customers. And make money.
#5. Writing the Biography of VIPs: You can make a good income by writing
peoples biography. When I say people, I mean VIPs, those who people will be
interested to read about their biographies. Though it will require you knowing
how to speak and write. It also requires you having confidence in yourself.
1. Consult personalities and interview them.
2. Write their biography.
3. Publish and lunch it.
4. Sale it and make money.
#6. Devel op a Dance School : Nowadays when you attend events, you will see all
kinds of music and dancing steps going on by different groups. People hire them to
come and dance in their occasions. These kind of group is called a Dance School.
1. You can start to develop a dance club and get dancers to register.
2. Write to ceremonies.
3. Honour invitations.
4. Give them bills for dancing in their occasion. Then make money.

#7. Home Video Shooting in your Vil l age Hal l s:You can make this kind of
business during weekends when people are looking for joints to rest on weekends.
1. Go to village and get a hall
2. Get a TV set, video player and Tiger generator with video films.
3. Shoot those films and collect gate fees from people who come to watch. And
make money.
I hope these 7 Profitabl e Businesses you can start without investing big
Capital helps. Kindly tell us some profitable businesses you know that one can
start with small capital.

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Businesses you can start without big Capital
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