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 This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.

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PostSubject: This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.   2012-12-31, 03:35

This is a One Line Matrix program that had been online for the past six years and had been paying all members.It is a unique program which i have never seen before.The payout on this site is automatic.The moment you earn on the site,the money will be in your ecurrency account within seconds,you don't need to ask for payment at all.

You can check all the payments it had made recently,it is more than 1000.It is making payments to more than 100 members daily.This isn't a small program that can cheat you of your money.

Joining this site only cost $8 and you will get 200% of the money put on it. It is also using only Solidtrustpay as the method of payment.If you don't have Solidtrustpay account,sign up here :

The site was set up to allow one single investment starting from $8 to $25.If you want to put in money that is higher than $25,you have to make another investment within that range again.The maximum you can put in at once is $25. And you can refer your family as long as they are having their own separate Solidtrustpay or payment account.Same IP or computer isn't an issue here.

By the way,it is compulsory to have gotten money in your Solidtrustpay account before you sign up because it is the payment that will activate your account.There won't be any email sent to your email box to click on and activate your account. The money you will paid in, is what will activate the account and it is instant activation,you won't need to wait for anyone to activate it for you. Once you've filled the registration form,you will be directed to Solidtrustpay site where you will need to enter your Solitrustpay log in details and make the payment.

If you don't have the account,sign up on You can reach me for the funding or get in touch with this ecurrency exchanger - ( 08035721770 ). If you are in Nigeria,the cost of funding your account with $10 is just N1,650. Solidtrustpay dollars in Nigeria is been sold for N165 per dollar. If you are going to invest $100,that means,you will be putting in $25 four times. Remember,the maximum you can put in at once is $25.

Join the site here

Below is the Frequently Asked Questions from the site :

Which payment processors do you use?
We use SolidTrust Pay only. To open an SolidTrust Pay account click here.

How much can I invest?
The minimum amount you can invest is $8.00.

How do I receive Payments?
Payments are made directly to your SolidTrust Pay account you made your original spend from. You are paid automatically. You don't have to make requests to receive payments. If you change your SolidTrust Pay account we will still make payments to the account you made your original spend from. If this causes you problems, you need to contact us urgently.

How often do you make payments?
Payments are made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instantly and automatically.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes, please click the Referrals Link at the top of the page to learn more about our referral program.

Can I refer family members?
Yes of course, anyone can join this program as long as they use a different SolidTrust Pay account.

Is there a strategy for playing DollarMonster?
There are many different strategies that different users use that suit them. As you continue investing you will begin to find your own strategy that works best for you.

However, a common beginner's strategy is this:
First make a few investments at any amount within $8.00 - $25.00. After these investments have gained their 200% Interest, you can then use your profit and your original investments to reinvest gaining more interest on your funds.

Do you give refunds?
Please make sure you understand how the program works before investing your money. Please remember that DollarMonster is ran and operated and controlled by its users - THE MEMBERS - and the system is a People Helping People system. Your success is directly affected by the actions and in-actions of the other users.

There are NO guarantees of income and NO refunds.

Fraud and cheating
We have several measures in place for detecting cheating. Anyone found trying to cheat the system will have their account closed and be reported to SolidTrust Pay and other authorities.

Whatever you put into the site will earn you double. You will be doubling your money on this site which can happen in a day's time or within a week. You don't need to refer anyone here,but if you do,you get $1 instantly from your referral investments.

And some testimonial from members are :

".....I already have made more than my investment back with 200% profit......."

I only recently started this program and already have made more than my investment back with 200% profit!! Thank you DollarMonster
- From Member omirka

I've never seen anything like this - this is amazing!!! I was skeptical at first, but bammo, 2 days later, doubled my first investment, I will try and do one once per day then I will have payments coming in every day of the week, can we do more than once per day? I agree keep under $50.00 spends, but multiple tiems a day or week and it will bring a nice smooth consistant cashflow to all members, remember TEAM effort everyone, we are all equal, as soon as some people become too greedy, it hurts us all, I've been around these blocks 12 years now, this is just amazing!! Where was I 4 years ago when this started?!?!?!
- From Member marketingmaster

You should join up now and make your own money.

The site is trusted by GEOTrust. 128 bit encrypted servers and databases provide top rate security for private data. It has earned the HACKER SAFE rating, certifying credit card security against hackers.

For more question or funding of your solidtrustpay account,reach me on :

Phone - 08037409708


Yahoo messenger - aladcharlly1543
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.   2012-12-31, 07:38

U try
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.   2012-12-31, 08:20

no be small
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.   

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This Site Had Been Paying Automatically For The Past Six Years.
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