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 Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Worthless Programs,Join This One.

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PostSubject: Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Worthless Programs,Join This One.   2012-08-27, 21:43

One of the best way to make money fast online as at this moment is Investing Money.

Investing money is an easiest way to make money online because,all you will have to do is invest your money and withdraw when you want or when it is time to do that.You don't need to be doing any task or work at all.But you need to know that it might be the easiest but it is also one of the most dangerous activities on internet.You can loose your money if you are not careful enough.It is not the kind of activities that you can engage in without having the experience on how to play safe.Many had lost money amounting to $10,000,$5,000,$1,000,$500,$200 etc.

Nowadays,High Yield Investment Sites ( HYIPs ) are coming up almost everyday and many are out there just to scam people and not help them out,financially.We all need to be very careful in dealing with them.Someone who is just getting into making money online cannot work on such sites or program without loosing their money because they won't know how to play safe.Playing safe means,knowing when to invest,get your money out,know when a site is no longer safe for investment etc.Another issue is knowing the real ones from those that won't pay you at all.Many are out there nowadays promising people $500 for investments of just $20 and people are rushing to them.At the end of the day,they won't be paid any money for their investment.Sites like that are not suitable for investment.You have to consider how the admin or owner will be able to pay all members.

Many are using Forex Trading as what they will be using the money for.You need to know that,Forex program isn't that rich to the extent of enabling them to pay you that kind of huge money.Many site will be promising huge return and people will be rushing to them and they will close down within days after the admin had met his or her target.There had been sites like this.
You need to know that most HYIPs owner are having targets.I mean,they are having in mind the amount of money they need people to invest with them before closing the site.Once,they had met that,they will be no where to be found.

The past two to three weeks,many people had lost thousands of money online.Some are even my friends and some are those who asked for my help online.The thing is,just investing on sites is not what you have to do.You need to be doing lot of investigation about the site to know if your money is still safe or not.Many just joined because i posted it is a paying site and continue investing and investing.

A site may be paying you today but may be no where to be found tomorrow.You need to be extremely careful when dealing with money online.In my case,i use to make lot of investigation online to know the state of the site i am dealing with no matter how promising it might be.Apart from this,i also have people who i rely upon too,in helping me check if a site is good or not.None of us is perfect,getting help from people will make you a more better person and experienced.

It also baffles me that some people are not reading updates at all.I might have posted a site had turned to a scam one but some will still go ahead and join them and make investment.They will later call me and ask why they are not getting paid.There had been a lot of cases like this.

This made me to draw out a plan of helping people to invest their money online.They will send the money to me whichever way they want and i will invest it online and will give them back 180% in 30 days time.Many people had benefited alot from this.Some were saved from investing with sites that did not last much longer online.

The money that were given to me are being invested on some promising HYIPs ( not those that are too dangerous,i mean not those that are promising heaven and earth.I deals only with those from trusted Admins ),promising Advertising sites,new and genuine Money Cyclers ( You can earn $200 with just $20 investment within a day on this program but it will happen if you joined when it launched ) and will also be invested on Forex which is called PAMM Investing ( This PAMM investing is the kind of investing that deals with giving those Forex Trading Experts money to trade for you and you will earn good profit from that.It is not something anyone can just do.You need to know how to get the best person to give your money to and be monitoring that everyday.I deal with Forex Brokers.If you are not careful,you can lose your whole money in a day on this program ).

I have friends from different countries that i am getting updates from.And the sites that they gave me are still doing great as at this moment.There are some that had been online for more than five months and never had problem making payments.I also try to get new sites and join up as early as possible.The earlier you join the better for you to make your money fast.

But you need to be very careful,not all sites are worthy of our time and money.I join only those that are deemed to be good enough.As for HYIP programs,you may be thinking that relying on Monitors will help you.I want you to know that,it is a big mistake doing that.Lot of these so called Monitors are accomplice of the scam programs and some of those HYIP sites will be paying only Monitors just to have the Paying Status but if you invest with them,you will get nothing.

Not all Monitors are bad,there are still few ones that are reliable but you cannot rely on Monitors alone to be safe online.You have to get updates from people who are also working on the site and not those having Monitor sites.This is one of the best way to be safe online.You will learn and able to make a good decision from their experience.

I assure you,that investing with me,will safeguard your money.You should do this and build your money to the extent that you will be having big money to invest on a very good site ( which i will give you ) and be withdrawing your earnings out on time.Investing $10,$20,$50 even $100 are no money.All these won't enable you to be earning good money on time.You are making money online when you are withdrawing $100,$200,$300 etc from sites.
There are people making $200,even $1000 daily online.You can be like them too with a good plan.You should build your money with me and make as much money that will start getting you that big money online.

Below are what investing with me offers you :

1.Your money will be safe because i am out here to help and not scam people.I have people who are also helping me out on good sites or programs to invest on.As the saying goes,two head are better than one.It is much more safer when there are more than one people dealing with a site or program.

2. You can reach me anytime you want and ask about your investment.You will have my phone number and if it is possible for you,you can see me in person.You can't do all that when you are dealing with sites online.

3.There will be no if. Invest and expect your returns of 180%. If you like,you can compound or re-invest it. You are giving me your money and our agreement is to return to you 180%,nothing different from that.By the way,i won't be dealing with one site,so you should never be afraid of loosing your money.

4. You will get help from me on earning more money from site that are really online for longer time and i will be monitoring your progress.I mean registered sites with a confirmed address.

5.You can send your money to me anyway you want and also get paid whichever way you want it to be.If you are from Nigeria,you can pay in Naira directly to my bank account and also get paid to your bank too.You can as well pay through Libertyreserve and co and get paid in Naira or if you want through any other method apart from paypal.If you are from Foreign country,you can pay whichever way you want but not paypal.
Most investment sites only allows you to withdraw or get paid through the method you used for your investment.In my own case,you can be paid through any method you wish for but not Paypal.

6.You can also exchange your ecurrency with me or buy ecurrencies from me.That is another business i am into right now.

There are more benefits from me if you invest with me.You will be getting all these as time goes on.

From this message,you know where and how your money will be utilized to get you more money.It is not like investing with sites that you do not know if you will get your money back or how they are going to make sure you get it back.My dealing with more than one or two sites will enable me to pay you back without any problem at all.And you will be getting updates from me about the investment.

You may be thinking if you can trust me or not.I want you to know that,you should not fear at all.You should be able to know the kind of person i am from my posts and sites.You can get my picture from my blog and that is real me.I am not the type that will run away with your money.My facebook ID is included with this message as well as my Skype and Yahoo Messenger ID.If i am out here to scam you,i won't expose myself to this level.I have received $500,$200,$100 etc from people in Nigeria,Ghana and other countries within weeks of starting this program and i am not having any issue with paying them back.You should try me out.

Doing these will be the easiest way for you to earn money online.Nothing more to do other than send your money and tell me how you want to be paid.You don't need to be investigating site to know if it is paying or not.You can also rely on me for help on other issues you may have.Investing with those HYIP sites is a big risk,why can't you try investing with me ? There is no risk involved in my own case.As far as i am still alive,you will get your money back.Only death can stop that.I am saying this because i have confident in what i am doing.

Remember,your money will be invested on :

1.Promising or sure HYIP sites

2.Promising Money Cycler Programs

3.PAMM Investing

4.Promising Advertising Sites

Other programs that may come up and looks promising will also be considered.

If you are ready for this program,you can get in touch through :

E-mail -

Phone Number - 08037409708 or 08038979032

Facebook - Charlly008

Skype - Charlly005

Yahoo Messenger - aladcharlly1543

Do check this blogsite for more updates about the program -

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PostSubject: Re: Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Worthless Programs,Join This One.   2012-08-28, 06:51
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Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Worthless Programs,Join This One.
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