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 5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER

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PostSubject: 5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER   2012-06-02, 12:21

Twitter is one of the lucrative
way to make money online.
which involves doing the right
thing and playing by the rules
that will definitely lead you to
make money online. But before i
enter into details on how to make
money online using twitter, i will
like to give you a brief definition
of what twitter is.
According to wikipedia Twitter is
an online social networking
service and microblogging service
that enables its users to send and
read text-based posts of up to 140
characters, known as “tweets”. It
was created in March 2006 by Jack
Dorsey and launched that July.
The service rapidly gained
worldwide popularity, with over
300 million users as of 2011,
generating over 300 million
tweets and handling over 1.6
billion search queries per day. It
has been described as “the SMS of
the Internet.”
With this short definition of what
twitter is, you can now imagine
the power of twitter and how it
can help you make money online.
To make money online with
twitter all you have to do is to be
creative and consistency, Here are
the steps to make money online
with twitter…
1. Sign Up: Signing up is the first
step to make money online using
twitter, After you
sign up go on and update your
profile to make it authentic and to
attract good friends/followers.
2. Find/Invite Your friends: This is
the most sensitive part of making
money with friends. After you
must have updated profile. Click
on who to follow tab, which you
will now see the link on find
friend, then click on it you will be
taken to page where you will see
Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol now
you choose any of the following
email to follow and invite them to
follow you… i love using Yahoo
for this trick because it makes it
viral and easy…Here is the tips
head over to your yahoomail
account, login and click on
contact, you will be taken to a
page that will ask you to import
contact using facebook, hotmail,
then click on facebook and import
all your facebook friends to yahoo
(if you have large number of
facebook friends, it will always be
sweet) then go back to twitter
and click on find friend using
yahoo, authorize it and twitter
will bring up list of all your
friends then invite all, twitter will
now do the work by asking them
to join and follow you on twitter,
twiiter will also give you some of
your friends on twitter to follow.
3.Following : Keep following
people and ask them to follow
you back, to make it very easy
their are tools out their that will
help you build huge followers
because in this trick willl will
need large followers base to
make it work. such tools are but in this
case will we use because will
need to target our followers.We
Follow is a full featured Twitter
directory, and you can quickly
add your Twitter account
information to the directory, as
well as categorize your focus, so
that your Twitter account is
placed within a specific area of
the site (based on your market).
This makes it easy for people to
find you, and begin following
your tweets. And always
remember to follow them back so
that they will no unfollow you.
4. Tweeting: Now is time to add
twitter button on your website w
(hich you have already monetize
with adsense and other things),
so that you can easy share you
website/blog information on
twitter. If you have large follower
like 1500 follower and you tweet
your content and just like 50-100
visit, do you know what that can
do to you adsense earning or
other earning source, To make it
easy to boost you traffic you use
tools likw,
this will guide you to make
money online and and build your
following base.
5.Backling/Seo: Organic traffic is
what other blog owner is praying
for, but following the above steps
will guide you to make make
money online and as well build
quality backlinks for better seo,
because google or any search
engine will rank your blog base
on the website pointing to it, and
the quality of the website, twitter
is one of the world most visited
website, so anytime you tweet
your content, google will crawl it
and may be when a search on
that your content keyword is run,
google will crawl it, which means
more traffic more money you
make online.
With this step you can build you
yourself a huge base and
community that will keep on
making you money online. Feel
free to check out other tips on
how to make money online
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PostSubject: Re: 5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER   2013-03-21, 16:15

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PostSubject: Re: 5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER   2013-03-21, 23:11

So how will d money be rolling in?
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PostSubject: Re: 5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER   

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5 steps to make MONEY 0NLIN3 with TWITTER
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