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 How to earn $500,$1000 or $3000 month after month on Wazzub

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PostSubject: How to earn $500,$1000 or $3000 month after month on Wazzub   2012-01-30, 20:18

WAZZUB is a Brilliant Concept; It has NEVER Been Done Before

It is not MLM (multi-level marketing) – WAZZUB is very special!
No other company has ever offered 50% of all its profits to those people
who join for F*R*E*E and stay F*R*E*E. WE ARE IN A CLASS BY ITSELF.

WAZZUB is a multi-billion dollar project. It has been in the making since
2007 with over $2,000,000 already invested.

It’s the new Perfect Internet Phenomenon; it's here to stay and you are one
of the first in the world to know about it. So, it's very important to
understand what you have in your hands.


You can set yourself up for life financially - for F*R*E*E - and earn
Massive Passive Residual Income every month.

You could earn about $1.00 per person in your "UNLIMITED" width x 5
generations-deep WAZZUB family.

If that doesn't seem like much, watch what happens...

If you simply invite 5 friends to join for f*r*e*e and they do the same 5

1st. Generation 5 x $1.00 = $5.00
2nd. Generation 25 x $1.00 = $25.00
3rd. Generation 125 x $1.00 = $125.00
4th. Generation 625 x $1.00 = $625.00
5th. Generation 3125 x $1.00 = $3,125.00
Your Passive Income would be = $3,905.00 every month for doing NOTHING
different than what you are currently doing every day.

What if everyone invited just 10 people? That amount would EXPLODE to:
$111,110.00 per month in passive residual income for LIFE!

The more people you invite the more money you'll make. Try 20 or 30 and see
what happens... IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

The sky truly is the limit here at WAZZUB.

It's a fact that most people will join because it's UNIQUE,
it's POWERFUL and it's F*R*E*E. Everybody loves F*R*E*E.


Read all the important facts at:

Read “How Is WAZZUB Different":

CHECK OUR BLOG EVERY DAY - There you will find EVERYTHING you need to start
building your EMPIRE.


Together we activate the power of "We"!

Thank you and welcome aboard,

The WAZZUB family

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PostSubject: Re: How to earn $500,$1000 or $3000 month after month on Wazzub   2012-02-23, 11:02

This is good. I will like to try it out.
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How to earn $500,$1000 or $3000 month after month on Wazzub
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