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 Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program

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PostSubject: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   2012-01-27, 23:03 and are the HOTTEST penny
auction and money making sites on the net!

How would YOU like to try it for FREE?

If so, then here is what you need to do...

1.) Go to the link and sign-up for for FREE...

2.) You will receive 50 FREE bids just for signing up for FREE..

3.) Use the bids when you want and see if you can win an item.....

4.) Once you are all signed up at, come back to this page

and join here (Begin to make $$$$$):

Interested in creating a very nice income by giving bids away to others?

Ask me me now
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PostSubject: Re: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   2012-01-27, 23:24

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PostSubject: Re: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   2012-01-28, 00:43

@topycrown wrote:

pm me your e-mail so that i can send you full details
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PostSubject: Re: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   2012-01-28, 07:05

i dont have access to pm now
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PostSubject: Re: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   2012-01-28, 07:44

To be more specific: ZeekRewards is not an 'investment'. It can best
be described as a membership program that enables qualified members
who have purchased bids and given those bids away to participate in a
company-wide profit sharing pool or rewards program as a result of
doing the work of placing an ad every day to drive traffic to the
Zeekler auction web sites. The money you buy bids with is not
considered principal. You are purchasing a premium ecommerce
subscription which includes bids you HAVE to give
away as samples in order to see them surface as VIP Profit Sharing
points in your account bucket, which you get paid on. The VIP Profit
Sharing Points that accumulate in your account bucket are not
considered interest but a profit sharing of the company earnings from
the Zeekler Penny Auctions as well as rewards from five other income
streams, mostly dependant upon reward points for bringing others into
the program.

join here (Begin to make $$$$$):

Time has now proven this company and the program/compensation plan has
been refined to accommodate people with little funds to start out
with, as in free or silver membership; as well as people with more
funds to work with, as in gold or diamond membership, who want to gain
a significant monthly income faster. You CAN work your way up the
ladder. And you can start out at the git go with a significant
presence, your choice.

The first important question to ask is HOW IS THE MONEY MADE? Are
people being paid out from new people's funds coming in or is there an
actual product or service involved that earns the money independent of
member money? That's an important consideration as all "newby money
only" supported profit sharing programs fail. ALL of them.

join here (Begin to make $$$$$):

The Zeek program actually involves two separate entities; ZEEKLER,
the penny auction site, and ZEEK REWARDS, the business opportunity;
how you can share in the money made from the penny auction site. These
videos tell the whole story for you. Watch these and you will have no
doubt how powerful this program will be in establishing your financial

The ZEEKLER penny auction site makes the money and up to 50% of the
profit from these penny auctions as well as other Zeek income
resources is shared with the qualified Zeek Rewards members in a
profit sharing pool. Each night, after the close of the normal
business day, the company takes part of the day's overall business
production (up to 50%) which can include auction sales, product sales,
member renewals, bid sales and other income production from member
companies and divides them amongst the
qualified members. "Qualified member" means that they are a Silver,
Gold or Diamond member and that they have placed an ad promoting
Zeekler, have registered it in their back office during the preceding
24 hours and have purchased at least 10 VIP bids via their credit card
,STP, or AlertPay. Free Members do not receive awards for their VIP
bucket but can still see the award in their Bonus Balance bucket which
can be converted when they become qualified. Again, qualified to
receive monies from the profit sharing pool
means you are a silver, gold, or diamond member, (not a free member),
and place your ad each day, and buy and give away bids to increase
the VIP Profit Sharing Points in your account bucket. To receive money
from the matrix pools you also have to maintain two qualified
affiliates under you.

Here's how the Zeekler penny auction makes money. 2 minute video on the
penny auction
Lets say, for simplicity sake, that the bids cost you $1.00 each.
Zeekler bids only cost 65 cents for retail bids, but do NOT enter into
your VIP profit sharing account bucket, so we will use $1.00 in our
example as that's what Zeek Rewards bids cost when you buy them as an
affiliate member that incorporate the profit sharing plan for you to
get money back on these auction items sold whether you bid on them or
Lets assume that you were bidding on the newest, hottest bigscreen TV
- an $1800 item. Assume you bought 50 bids, which cost you $50.00. As
you look at the auctions that are running, you notice that on every
item there is a timer and each timer is counting down. When the timer
reaches zero, the final bidder wins the item. You will also notice
that every time someone bids, the timer goes back up to 20 seconds -
making the bidding fun and competitive. And although each bid is
registered as one penny on the auction site, someone paid $1 for that
penny bid. Lets say this TV’s price gets up to $149.99, you place a
bid with 3 seconds left on the timer – nobody else bids or had time to
get their bid in, and you win that item. So your cost for this $1,800
TV is only $150.00 -
because that's the price the item got up to in the auction – plus, of
course, the cost of however many bids you used to win the item. But
that $150 really represented 15,000 bids from all bidding participants
that cost someone $1 each. So Zeekler took in $15,000 plus the $150
the TV was sold for to the winner to auction off an $1800 TV they
probably paid $1400 or less for. Do the math. That's a $13,750
profit. Approximately 50% of this profit is shared with all the Zeek
Rewards qualified members via the Profit Sharing Pool, probably the
most important way you earn money with Zeek Rewards. From Jan 1, 2011
to present of this year that translates to a 1.4%/day average
increase in your VIP Profit Sharing account bucket. For Nov and Dec
2011 alone, that figure was 1.5% average. BUT, that figure varies
greatly from day to day from less than .5% to more than 4%. The 1.4%
average is just that, an average. Failing to post your ad and rebuy
bids on any given day could cost you dearly if that was
a 4% day.

At 1.4%/day, if you started the day with 10,000 VIP points in your
account bucket, you would end the day with 10,140 points in your
bucket; or you would be $140 better off. Although Zeek Rewards members
have to buy bids and give them away to share in the profit pool, they
do not have to physically participate in the penny auctions, although
they can. They do have to give those bids away to customers (not
affiliates you recruited into the Zeek Rewards program unless you want
to lose money - see rule 2 on the "How It Works" link at the Zeek
Rewards site ) with an equal number of VIP profit pool shares then
appearing in their profit pool account bucket when they do so.
The penny auctions make a lot of money as well as offer extreme
savings to people bidding on the items sold in the auctions. If you
really want to play the auctions and win good stuff for not a lot of
money be sure to click on the "Help" button at and there is a lot of information there
to help you get
started in placing bids. Also click on the auctions button and you
will see there are several kinds of auctions to participate in. If you
click on "Online Store" you will find an enormous assortment of
things in many categories you can buy outright at significant cost
savings also.

What needs to be discussed next is how the auction profits and other
income streams translates into real net profit earnings, involving the
125% figure you see in the videos, as well as the 90 day time frame
your bid points are good for before they expire and how the 80/20 rule
ties into this. The 125% is no longer a fixed figure either. It's
whatever you have gained in the 90 days your VIP Profit Sharing points
are earning rewards. So it
can be more, or a bit less if you skip days to send out your ad. The
word to the wise is, don't skip a day without sending out your ad and
repurchasing some bids with earnings and giving them away. I don't
feel I can discuss the math of the above items on this public webpage
without coming under compliance fire so be sure and email me and
request the "More Zeek Info" document which does discuss those issues
and the math you should be aware of, in private.

With that said, let's focus on the next issue, the four ways to join
the program.
You can come into the program as a FREE member, a silver member, a
gold member or a diamond member.You CAN start as a free member and
work your way up the ladder but that is very time consuming because of
6 ways to earn money in this company, only four apply to free
membership and the profit sharing pool as well as the 2 x 5 matrix
payout isn't included, the two biggest cash cows of the system. I
believe the free membership is in there to satisfy legalities but when
a silver membership , which has all the benefits, is only $10/mo and
can be
funded with only another $10 to buy bids, it's not worth the time and
effort to start for free. But you can do so.

The profit sharing pool is the steak and potatoes plate; all the other
income streams are carrots and icing on
the cake, although they can be significant. The other income streams
require recruiting others into the program and earning money off of
their participations and purchases. I do not recommend joining at the
free membership
level unless you are a sponsoring genius because of the lack of
ability to receive earnings from the Matrix and profit sharing pool
and considering a silver membership with full benefits is only $10/mo.
Each of the three premium membership levels; silver, gold, and
diamond, have monthly membership costs; $10/mo, $50/mo and $99/mo
respectively. Each level also has upper limits of the quantity of bids
you can personally buy out of your own pocket
at that level. Silver - 1000 bids, gold 5000 bids, and diamond 10,000 bids.
And, any bids (the 65 cent retail customer bids) you buy directly off
the Zeekler auction site do not go into
compounding in your VIP Profit Sharing point bucket. Only the bids
(The $1 bids) you purchase from the Zeek
Rewards site and give away as free samples become VIP Profit Sharing
points in your account bucket. If you
were thinking you could just join as a silver and put 30k of your own
money into this thing and retire, it just doesn't
work that way. You have to use time, diligence and persistence to
daily place your ad, buy new bids with your profits,
give them away, and work your way up to the income level you want to
achieve. Like I said, this is NOT a passive opportunity.One of my
friends went from a 10,000 bid diamond purchase to over 25,000 VIP
Profit Sharing points
in his account bucket in only 2 1/2 months, so the process doesn't
take as long as you might imagine if you do your
thing. Maybe we are broke, but there are people out there who aren't
and would leap on this in a minute if they
understood the true earnings potential involved here.

And there are limits based upon membership level as to how many bids
you can give away to any one person
(customer). Giving bids to customers nets you a VIP Profit Point for
every bid you give away to a customer. Give
ten bids away, receive 10 VIP Profit Points in your account bucket.
But if you give your bids to an affiliate (someone
you recruited who signed up under you for Zeek Rewards) you only
receive half of that or five VIP Profit Points.
Again, don't give bids to affiliates, give bids to customers, unless
you want to lose half their point value. Make sure
your affiliates sign up at your Zeekler site as a customer first
before becoming an affiliate at the Zeek Rewards site.
First they get free bids they won't receive if they sign up as an
affiliate first. Go to the Zeek Rewards page and
click on "how it works" and read what it says in step 2, to the right
of the four colored blocks on the page.
Understand the difference between customer and affiliate.

I can't get customers
You can join Zeeks customer Coop and retrieve as many customers as you
need to give bids to if you can't find
people who would just love to bid on neat stuff for free. Customers
only cost $1 (special option from my upline
in my group) to $2 each on the Zeek site so the cost is negligible.
Don't use "I don't have any customers" as an
excuse not to get involved in this. If you follow the math in my
"More Zeek Info" document, you will understand
that this is one of the best opportunities to get ahead financially
that exists on the internet today.

PLS note that we can get you customer for $1 per customer
contact me if you need to buy customer
lamidi olanrewaju
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PostSubject: Re: Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program   

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Receive up to $225.00 DAILY for a lifetime with zeekrewards program
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