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 Danger Of Overnight Phone Charging: My Experience

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PostSubject: Danger Of Overnight Phone Charging: My Experience   2017-05-18, 18:34

It seemed to me as though i was in a dream cos i couldn't believe i was going to be in this kind of situation that sunday morning (30th of april 2017).

Some hours before then i had been keeping tabs on the boxing bout between A.j & Klitchko via nland with my infinix hot 2. Around 11pm after the bout i was feeling dizzy due to long hours of being wide awake, so i then decide to go to bed.

Meanwhile,my phone was at 50% charge at the time but due to the unpredictable nature of our guys (nepa or whatever the name they choose to call themselves) i decided to plug my device whilst i go to sleep (big mistake).

That was how i woke up on Sunday around 8am, after observing a lil meditation i decided to go for my phone. On picking it up first thing i observed was that my phone was switched off. That's when i sensed danger (because i didn't switch my phone off in the first place). I then tried to switch it on but it didn't come up but rather my screen backlight was flashing on and off in sync with the back cameras flash light.

I later checked my charger only to discover that it had blown overnight, that was when my worst fear was confirmed. I proceeded to check if it was a minor problem that could easily be fixed but i found out the power surge had damaged the phones panel therefore rendering it irreparable.

Thats my story nlanders. If anyone had told me i'd lose my device to overnight charging i would have laughed it off but that's where i'm at today.

Therefore, I decided to share my story with you guys so that you may learn from my error. Good day guys.
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Danger Of Overnight Phone Charging: My Experience
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