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 Woman Who Survived Fire Mishap Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary (Photos)

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PostSubject: Woman Who Survived Fire Mishap Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary (Photos)   2017-04-16, 08:51

A woman whose heart is filled with thankfulness has shared her unfortunate story to celebrate exactly one year after surviving a fire mishap in her home. Read below what was shared by Chioke Adaobi on Facebook.

God over do for me ooo. Exactly one year today 14/4/2016 at about 11pm that God delivered me from the hands of death. If not God, where would I have been maybe at the graveyard but God says is not yet time that I have not completed my mission here on earth.

Brethren, U may be asking what happen cos some don't know the story" now listen I asked my house help to bring kerosene for me to top up my stove and there was already fire in one of the stoves and because I was in a hurry, I decided not to quench the stove.

I just open the kero and pour it into the stove without knowing it was fuel what I saw was blaze of fire all over my cloth and everywhere. I said to myself that I will not die but started shouting help, help help before my neighbour s could come I HV torn my cloth and was complete Unclad. We are struggle to get rid of the kitchen fire but to God's glory we succeeded and that was when I remembered that my body was burnt.

I was rush to hospital and stayed there for weeks only God knows what I passed through. To cut the story short I am alive testifying with my mouth in the land of living.

Many had this type of experience but lost their lives. I know of husband, wife and house help that could not survive it and so many. Pals join me in thanking God cos His mercies endures forever and ever. Praise God cos is not by my making but because God Win oooooooo

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Woman Who Survived Fire Mishap Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary (Photos)
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