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 7 awesome Android and iOS games you've probably never heard of

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PostSubject: 7 awesome Android and iOS games you've probably never heard of   2017-02-02, 09:31

The mobile gaming market is a flooded one. There are new games coming out each day, and developers really struggle to make a splash in the huge ocean that are the various app stores. And while the majority of the unknown titles remain unknown for a reason, there are these select few that really deserve more exposure.

So, in order to give them said exposure and try and boost the confidence of some pretty solid developers by increasing their download stats, we decided to go digging through game development forums, subreddits and message boards for a portion of these diamonds in the rough.

So, without further ado, here are seven awesome Android games that you've probably never heard of.

Memory Dungeon RPG
Price: Free
Developer: Epic Egg Studio
Download: Android

Ever wondered what would happen if you cross a classic memory puzzle with a classic dungeon crawler? Neither did we, but apparently someone did, because Memory Dungeon RPG is exactly that kind of a crossover.

The game has your character crawling through 50 different “dungeons” that are actually classic memory puzzles, where you have to match two tiles of the same kind. When you do, you either get an experience or health boost, or you deal damage to the enemy, depending on the type of tiles you matched. When you make a mistake, though, the enemy damages you. And that's the whole game.

While it is pretty simple, and its sound design could use some work, it's quite entertaining when you have to wait for the bus, or have a few minutes to spare. We only wish the dungeons were procedurally generated, instead of a finite number.

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7 awesome Android and iOS games you've probably never heard of
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