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peter pan

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PostSubject: BEWARE OF FAKE ULTIMATE CYCLER    2016-12-12, 08:03

Ultimate Cycler Update 12-11
My team and I have been working 16 hour days to get UC launched.
For all the impatient people out there. PLEASE RELAX.

We are right at the finish line. We need to migrate all the data of 1.3 million people and check everything. Launching too soon would not be a good thing as any small issue will be magnified 1000 times.

Trust me when I tell you, I have been around 26 years and we are not going anywhere. The site will launch as true as the sun will rise.

It just has to launch when it's ready and not before.

All updates will be on the site and in the back office.

Please understand that we are reprogramming the site from scratch and is normally a 30-60 day project. We are doing it in about 10 days.

Thank you for your patience.

The UltimateCyclerPlus copycat was stole our designs, and everything right down to the programming and graphics. They are total thieves and anyone joining them knowing that will be taking their own chances for their lack of patience. We ask that all members make others aware of this. How people can sleep with themselves doing this out in the open for all to see is beyond understanding. DO NOT JOIN THEIR SITE! Why would you join a thieves site anyway? BEWARE. I ask anyone that has an honorable bone in their body to steer people from it.

It's a shame that people can't come up with their own ideas and concepts and have to parasite off another person's creativity. This is the second time this has happened to me inside a week.

I guess it's easier to jump from deal to deal and copy other people than create their own. I am not going to mention the program or person but you know who you are.

As far as the members...
I value you loyalty and membership. Stick with me because you have the original creator right here in your corner.

As another note...
Please DO NOT keep sending messages to me about the launch as it takes time away from my launch efforts. The updates are all on the site and back office.

The UC site will be up before you know it and those that had the patience to stick with it will be well rewarded.

Peter Wolfing
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PostSubject: Re: BEWARE OF FAKE ULTIMATE CYCLER    2016-12-12, 08:28

Aneke Wolfing lol
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PostSubject: Re: BEWARE OF FAKE ULTIMATE CYCLER    2016-12-13, 20:38

419 peple...
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