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PostSubject: TRIPPLESTEPS   2016-10-28, 08:52

Tripplesteps is an online helping system, it is legal and low risk internet helping platform. It is very simple, all u need to do is to follow the steps below.

1, You cannot join the platform without a sponsor.
2, After u get a sponsor, the sponsor will sell you an account code for just #1,000.
3, Then you go to tripplesteps website to register
4, You will need #4,000 naira to registered
5, After payment is confirmed you will receive your own 4 code account ID.
6, Then you need to sell your own 4 code account ID to different 4 people. There by giving you back your #4,000 naira paid back. You only see that you start your this program with #1,000
7, The most important part is this program is to encourage people you sold your account code to, to also process it and encourage others to do so.

Platform Table

Level 1, 4, Account ID code gives u 4000.

Leve 2, gives you #8,000 ( if process by others you will have 16 people following you). U will paid #500 in this level. The money will be paid directly to bank account submitted.

Level 3. Gives you #64,000. Here you will have 64 people following you. you are paid #1,000 at this level

Level 4. Gives you #384,000. Here you have 256 people following you. At this level you are paid #1,500.

Then advantage of it is that you can monitor who is active and who is not on your account.

You are out of the program at level 4, but you are not allowed to registered, but you can sponsor others.

Contact me for the web address and other details.

Give it a trial today and see.
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