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 Ijaw youths rally support for Buhari; send message to militants

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PostSubject: Ijaw youths rally support for Buhari; send message to militants   2016-10-27, 13:30

– Ijaw youths applauded President Buhari for raising fund for amnesty

– They asked the President to extend development to Niger Delta projects

– The leader of the group asked militants to allow the president do his job

The Ijaw Youth Council has sent a message to militants in the Niger Delta region to allow President Muhammadu Buhari implement the project he has for the region.

Mr. Udengs Eradiri who is the president of the group spoke in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa on Wednesday, October 26 where he said that although Buhari’s body language seemed hostile at first, it was evident that he has changed and should therefore be given a chance to perform.

Eradiri applauded the plan to increase fund for amnesty and said such development be extended to other Niger Delta projects.

“Yes, the militants should give the government a chance. But the government needs to be proactive and not falling into this stereotype attitude.

“The President may be doing the right thing but when there is delay, his body language may be misinterpreted. For instance, if this current step of the President had come earlier, l don’t see any sane agitator going against him.

“The President has taken an action. But did we have to lose all these lives, economy and all the constraints and emotional crisis before such a letter should be transmitted? Sometimes, when you do something late, it has repercussions. If the actions Mr. President is taking now had been taken earlier, we wouldn’t have got to this point where the economy will be lying prostrate. We need more proactive steps from the President.”

Eradiri also urged the president to ensure discipline in the utilisation of the allocated funds and prudent management by people who understood the problems in the region.

He said: “We want to also state that while approving funds for institutions like this, the anti-corruption drive must be activated to ensure that the institutions live up to their expectations to ensure that funds are not diverted.

“Those in the position to manage the amnesty office and other institutions addressing the issues of the region must be people who have knowledge of the issues. If he doesn’t have the right people to address the issues, even the funding will be misplaced.”

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Ijaw youths rally support for Buhari; send message to militants
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