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 Two killed in Lagos petrol tanker explosion

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PostSubject: Two killed in Lagos petrol tanker explosion   2016-07-25, 22:18

A tanker driver and his conductor were Monday evening burnt to death as their 33, 000 litres capacity diesel laden truck went up in flames at Cele-bus stop inward Oshodi in Lagos.

There were different accounts as to how the inferno started. A version of the account had it that the truck belonging to Total Oil, which loaded its content from the Apapa and heading to an unknown destination, inward Oshodi, reportedly went up in flames when it had a burst tyre around Cele bus-stop.

It was gathered that in the driver’s bid to control his truck another truck on high speed rammed into it from behind , causing the truck to somersault.

Another version had it that the truck was trying to avoid hitting a vehicle that over took it, when the truck from behind hit it.

The resultant impact caused an explosion which resulted in a fire with the combustive content spilling into drainages around the scene.

There was also a multiple accident as motorists plying the ever busy expressway forcefully applied their brakes, resulting in an ear deafening screeching of tyres.

The incident caused uproar as commercial bus drivers, who stopped for passengers to either embark and disembark, hurriedly made u-turns to escape being caught up in the fire.

Passengers and traders at both sides of the express-way scampered in different directions for safety, with the latter abandoning their wares . In the process, some of them sustained varying degrees of injuries.

The raging fire, spread to the entire expressway, preventing even vehicles moving inward Apapa from having access. The incident also hampered the free flow of traffic at both sides.

See scenes from a petrol tanker explosion at Cele Bus Stop, along Oshodi /Apapa Express…
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Two killed in Lagos petrol tanker explosion
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