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 9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her

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PostSubject: 9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her   2016-04-05, 15:53

''Good day Mrs Korkus and my fellow blog visitors. I read the story of the little girl that was being maltreated and decided to share my encounter with a homeless girl I was living with.

I am a 35 year old Medical Doctor currently in Europe, I got married quite late because of my dedication to my career. I got married to a European that actually loves Nigeria.

Pregnancy was difficult in the first two years so because of the benefits I have as a doctor , we were pushed up the list for IVF and by the grace of God , I have a beautiful daughter.

I had to stop work at a time because of the demands of motherhood and since my mum wasn't able to come for Omugwo, my husband suggested I go to Nigeria instead (we have a house here too) . My aunt in the village called my mum that she had gone to find out why the dog was barking endlessly on that rainy night only to see a certain little girl seated by the gate . She was carrying a waterproof bag, completely soaked and shivering.

My mum told her to take the girl in and question her. Finally, the girl was a 9 year old whose step father had asked to leave his house and find her father. Her mother had her before she got married to the abusive man. To cut the story short, after my mum met with her mother , she came back with this girl.

Immediately I set my eyes on her, I felt so so sad for her. Very intelligent girl I must say , judging from her background. She loves to read and actually impressed me. I spoke to my husband about her and he said my mum should send her to school that he will take care of the bills.

After about two weeks, I started talking to my husband about the possibility of adopting her. I wanted to give her an opportunity to have a foreign passport and the benefits that come with it. I could see her future , the woman she would become and the next time she will meet with her step father again as a successful lady. My husband agreed.

The purpose of this chronicle is that my child became sick, very very sick with diarrhoea. I did the initial basic things we do in the hospital. She was okay. Next thing she became sick again, got well, then again and again and again ,,,, I took her to the hospital. It was strange because I was doing everything right. My husband got some company online to install spy camera for me in the house ( just for other purposes) and guess what? STELLA, this girl was feeding my child with POOH. Yes! poo. The poo that comes out from the anus.

I make my baby's food, I bath my baby, I change her diapers , I was her clothes, I also was this little girl's clothes (I use washing machine), cook for us, I have a cleaner that comes every other day. The only thing this girl does is just to play with baby and watch Disney with her.

I just went to bath, left two of them in the sitting room. I just felt something in me urging me to watch both of them through the computer in my room. I came out with my towel and connected my system to the spy camera , she was backing the camera and was putting her finger inside my baby's mouth, it looked like she had something on the other hand. I decided to come and stop her (because of the repeated diarrhoea) I actually had no reason to be suspicious.

Immediately I came out and called her name to ask what she was doing, she was shocked (you can tell she thought I would be bathing at the time) . She just fell to the ground and started saying sorry, what she would tell me will hunt me for the rest of my life.

"Auntie, I will tell you the truth" She actually poohed and collected some in her hand and was using the other finger to put it in my baby's mouth.

If not for the kind of training I received as a doctor, I would have passed out. The whole place was smelling of poooooo, she had brought out air freshener and kept by the side. My mum wasn't around at the time.

She and her mum has been begging since, she has no place to go. She wants to go to school. Though she insisted that was the first time , I didn't quite believe her. My husband , how do I want to tell him this sort of thing? He is not Nigerian and I definitely don't want him to start suspecting everyone. I didn't beat her. I didn't touch her.

She is a child right. If we sent her back to the streets, she would most likely become useless. If we decide to help her, how do you correct her in a way that wont be termed abuse?

I am back to Europe, she is still with my mother for now. I just need your opinions on way forward assuming we don't want her back to the streets.

I did a full mental state examination on her, she is psychologically normal. Mischevious and almost killed my child. Just by watching Disney chanel alone,her english is perfect with oyibo accent already.

Her IQ is roughly about 120, she is super smart for her age. I really dont know. She already knows what you are about to say before you even finish. I was shocked the day she operated the washing machine, I loaded it and fell asleep (it is not even user friendly). A friend of mine once told me that she called my Land line and someone picked and was speaking "PHONEE" for her.

She told her that I am very tired and sleeping at the moment then ended the call with *do have a lovely day*
I hide my medical books and lock the first aid box. I havent fully recovered from the shock. I just give God the glory.
Oh! Did I add that she was just 9years old at the time.
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PostSubject: Re: 9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her   2016-04-06, 14:43

That was baby computer
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PostSubject: Re: 9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her   2016-04-06, 15:27

Na wa oo
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PostSubject: Re: 9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her   

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9-Year-Old Homeless Girl Feeds Feaces To Baby Of Lady That Rescued Her
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