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 Presidential, N’Assembly elections vicious –Soyinka

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PostSubject: Presidential, N’Assembly elections vicious –Soyinka   2015-03-30, 05:49

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka,
has described the presidential and
National Assembly elections as the
most vicious, unprincipled, vulgar
and violent he had ever witnessed.
Soyinka, in an interview with The
Guardian UK on Sunday, was quoted
as saying, “We’re talking about a
very positive response by the
public in terms of determination to
register and vote but, you know,
this has been one of the most
vicious, unprincipled, vulgar and
violent exercises I have ever
“I just hope we won’t go down as
being the incorrigible giant of
According to Soyinka, the stakes
appear to be so high that all
scruples have been set aside and
it’s very distressing to compare this
election with that of 1993, which
was one of the most orderly,
civilised and resolute elections the
country ever had.
He said, “This one was like a no-
holds-barred kind of election,
especially, frankly, from the
incumbency side. One shouldn’t be
too surprised anyway given the
kind of people who are manning
the barricades for the incumbent
“Most expensive, most prodigal,
wasteful, senseless, I mean really
insensitive in terms of what people
live on in this country.
“This was the real naira-dollar
extravaganza, spent on just
subverting, shall we say, the
natural choices of people. Just
money instead of argument,
instead of position statements.
“And of course the sponsoring of
violence in various places, in
addition to this festive atmosphere
in which every corner, every pillar,
every electric pole is adorned with
one candidate or the other, many of
them in poses which remind one of
Soyinka, who told The Guardian
how he was recently invited by
President Goodluck Jonathan to
discuss various issues, said, “We
even discussed life after power,
whenever that takes place.
“It was difficult for me to decide
from his side how readily he might
accept defeat. He absolutely swore
that if he lost he was going back to
Otuoke village. If I take him
literally, I think he will accept the
result, but I’ve learned never to
trust any politician from here to
there, even if they’re just coming
out of communion. So I really don’t
“I think Nigerians have had a very
rough time over the last few years
with Boko Haram and all kinds of
insecurity, failure of governance
and so on. I think we deserve to
have this period as a period of
comparative tranquillity and peace
of mind to reconstruct and address
some really fundamental issues of
society. So I really hope the result,
however gracelessly or grudgingly,
will be accepted by the loser.”
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PostSubject: Re: Presidential, N’Assembly elections vicious –Soyinka   2015-03-30, 07:14

Let's hope so.
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Presidential, N’Assembly elections vicious –Soyinka
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