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 New video reveals OPC leader, Fasehun’s role in poll shift

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PostSubject: New video reveals OPC leader, Fasehun’s role in poll shift   2015-03-21, 05:34

Leader of pan-Yoruba group, the
Oodua People’s Congress , Dr.
Fredrick Fasehun, has revealed that
he played a strong role in ensuring
that the coming general elections
in Nigeria was postponed from its
original February 14 date because
President Goodluck Jonathan would
have lost.
Fasehun, reportedly said this at a
Post-National Conference event
sponsored by the Ondo State
Governor, Olusegun Mimiko, video
of which was posted online by
He explained in the video
transcribed by our correspondent
that he was approached by Senator
Mojisola Akinfenwa, a fourth
republic Senator from Osun State,
who told him that he doubted if
Jonathan would win the election
the way things were going.
Fasehun said, “The senator came to
me and said, ‘look, I think Jonathan
is losing this battle and I responded
to him, ‘Baba, I will never
experience any loss in battle.
Today, we shall shift this election.
And by the grace of God, when we
had spoken to few people, Jega had
no option but to shift the date of
the election. If that election was
not shifted, I bet you that Jonathan
would have lost that election.
“The rigging had been perfected,
the war-torn region of the North-
East; Yobe was having 80 per cent
PVC (distribution) while Lagos only
had 62 per cent and even the
governor himself was still crying to
be given his own PVC.
“So, the few PVC we have must be
maximised. That is why I am
appealing to everyone. Let us all go
there and this time, cast our votes
in favour of a friend. Jonathan can
be a friend.”
Fasehun said he did not believe in
the anti-corruption mantra being
broadcast by the opposition party.
He said, “I am not carried away by
the fact that somebody is not
corrupt… People are turning history
upside down. Who is not corrupt?
Have we forgotten the $2.8bn lost?
Have we forgotten the 52 suitcases
filled with new currencies? Have
we forgotten the chairmanship of
“Have we forgotten that somebody
recently said that if he doesn’t win
the election or if the election does
not go in his favour, the blood of
baboon will mix with the blood of
dogs? Whereas, Jonathan said my
ambition to become President of
this nation should not cost one
drop of any Nigerian’s blood.”
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New video reveals OPC leader, Fasehun’s role in poll shift
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