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 Don't have sex before you have these 4 conversations

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PostSubject: Don't have sex before you have these 4 conversations   2015-03-18, 06:24

So when we’re dealing with something that is
both so intimate and so explosive, it’s necessary
to take certain precautions. The sensible man and
woman will have these three conversations before
embarking on a sexual relationship.
1) Consent
You never want to find yourself in a situation
where consent is dubious. With the rape stats
being what they are, any normal person would
make sure the person they’re having sex with
actually wants to have sex with them. And come
on, in what universe is “Do you want to have sex
with me” NOT considered sexy?
2) STIs and STDs
From something as innocuous (but terrifying) as
pubic lice, to something as incurable (but
treatable) as HIV, sexually transmitted diseases
and infections are a very real fact of life. And if
you think having the conversation around
infection and protection is going to be awkward,
just imagine how awkward it will be to tell your
next partner that you have Syphilis.
3) Pregnancy
You know what’s not fun? Abortions. You know
what’s also not fun? Raising a child you never
planned on having. By yourself. So don’t come
with that nonesense about the “heat of the
moment” or “I never thought it could happen to
me”. It can, and does happen every day. And the
world has enough unwanted children in it without
you adding to the problem because you can’t be
bothered to take a pill, get a shot, use a condom
or one of the wealth of other options out there.
And, no, the pull out method isn’t one of them.
4) Define your likes and boundaries
If you know you only get turned on when you’re
covered in peanut butter and spanked with a
toilet brush, then you should share this info with
your potential partner. People have varying sexual
boundaries and one person’s kink could be
someone else’s nightmare. Because what’s the
point of having a sexual encounter if both of you
don’t enjoy it? And questions like "Do you like it
when I do this..." and "Mind if we try this..." will
only make you a better lover.
- Women24
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Don't have sex before you have these 4 conversations
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