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 What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.

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PostSubject: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2011-08-06, 17:54

Good Day,

My name is Charles from Lagos,Nigeria.

I am a guy using Internet to make honest money.I have lot of knowledge on how to make money on line for real,without falling into the hands of a scammer or duper.I know which site is paying and which is not.
I will like to share that knowledge to anyone who is ready to make easy money online like i am doing today,completely free.
Lot of people all over the world today had turned to internet to help their financial status.Those people who are jobless or earning little money from their job had turned to internet to solve their financial problem.
Are you one of them,i mean are you jobless,earning little money from your present job,wants to add to your monthly earnings or you are a student who wants to help his or her parent by not depending too much on them financially,then consider yourself lucky.I am here to help you completely for free.If you take this message seriously and act on it,with my guide,you can be making at least $500 monthly.Your earnings depends on amount of time you spend online.Many people are now working only on internet and making more than those employed are earning.The best things is,you are your own boss.
I have set a target of making $4,000 monthly online.With the amount of knowledge i have,it is possible.
Come join me and let's have this target together.You have nothing to buy,you don't pay for any tutorial or anything else.I will just tell you which site to work on and how to make sure you earn as much money on it completely free.

Know that,you need to work real hard if you want to make money online.Don't expect to start working online today and hope to make big money immediately.Th first thing you need is the knowledge on what to do and how to do that,which i am sharing with you for free right now.

You may have met some programs promising to pay you $100 to read emails,click on ads,i want you to know,they are scams.You will be wasting your time and money if you decide to work on them.They will never pay you.
When you reached the amount set by them as the minimum amount to have before getting paid,they will ask you to upgrade your account by paying some money.If you do,you won't get anything.They will never send you anything.You need to work with me to avoid such programs.You need to stop wasting your precious time and money on those worthless programs.

By the way,i want to work with serious people only.I am forming a group and it will involve sharing ideals with each other.My target is to have 1,000 people on this group.It will be easy to get referrals for those programs we are working on by signing up under each other which will make the earnings alot faster.This is a great plan and will work well if we work as a group.
Note this : From time to time,i will be giving those working with me free money to boost their earnings online.This is one of the benefits you will be enjoying if you join this group.Okay.

To those scammers out there,i want you to know that you are wasting your time trying to scam me by sending those scam messages.You won't get any response from me.Your method are old skool.Better find ways to make honest money.

By the way,for you to be getting your earnings online,you need to open an account with Alertpay ( Personal Starter ) and Paypal ( Personal ).
Click on this link now to register with Alertpay.Please choose PERSONAL STARTER as the type of account you want to open.This account won't charge any fee for all transactions you do with it.You need to verify it too and i will guide you on how to do that.But sign up first now :

Do you also have a laptop ? If you do,i will guide you on how to install a VPN ( IP Changing Software ) on it and change your IP address from Nigeria to other countries that Paypal allows to have an account with them.Nigerians are not allowed,we have been banned because some people from Nigeria stole their other customers money through hacking and United State of America Policy ( since Paypal is based in US and must comply with rules and regulation of the country or else they will be closed down just like what happened to EGOLD ) is also against sending money or transacting business with some certain countries among which Nigeria is included.
But there are ways to go about it that won't affect the account so far you are using it in a honest way.Millions in Nigeria are using Paypal without any problem.
There are certain things that you must know and act on in order for you,not to have problem with the account.
You will also need to verify it and i will let you know how to do that together with those facts on how to run the account without encountering any problem.

It is possible to earn online without using Paypal but what you need to know is,Paypal is the most used online payment processor,Millions of sites are using it only as their payment method.To earn from those sites,you need to have Paypal Account.
Do let me know in your reply if you have a laptop and ready to have the account.
Getting your online money into your Nigeria Bank Account is no big deal.There are honest company in Nigeria here who will exchange the money.I have lot of them and i have been using their services for a long time now.They are honest and fast.Fast in the sense that,you send the online ( which is called eCurrency ) today,the equivalent of it will be transferred into your Bank Account this same day.Some pay N150,N155,N160 per one dollar.

Some of those i am using are : - ( N155 ). - ( N150 ).

You can check them out.

Less i forget,do try to create account with online payment processor is the simplest one of all.Registration is very easy,no verification is needed and accepts all countries.You will also need their services to get your online earnings.

Note :
You need to create a special E-mail for all these payment processor accounts and keep all information ( Passwords ) real safe.

Now to the earning Part.

I have a couple of sites that you can earn money from but will start with this one,CELOY which is the best one.They pay member's earnings through Alertpay and Paypal.So you won't have any problem cashing out your money earned from it.Alertpay accepts Nigeria,so you don't need to change your IP address when using their services.

You can easily make at least $200 from this sites.Do read on to know more.


1.Celoy is a social site that enable members to earn for their various activities which also includes advertising one's programs ( Yes,you will be earning money when you advertise your programs to others for free ).It is opened to all countries.

2. There are two types of MEMBERSHIP :

i. Regular ( Free ) Membership

ii. Pro ( Upgraded ) Membership.

3.When you sign up,your membership status will be regular.

4.Upgrading in order to earn fast is simple.You have nothing to lose.You either upgrade with 2,000 points earned as a Regular Member or $20 from your Alertpay or Paypal account.

The Money or Points used to upgrade is completely yours.As soon as the Upgrading is confirmed,the money will be transferred to your INSTANT PAY Account on the site and it will paid back to you together with other earnings at the end of the month.
The admin wants to know how serious you are about the program.I will say it is completely free.

5.There are three types of ACCOUNTS on CELOY on which your earnings will be stored :

i...Points :
You will be getting POINTS on this account if you are earning as a Regular ( Free ) Member.It cannot be cashout but can be used to Upgrade or do mass advertisement on the site.

ii...Instant Pay Account :
This is the account on which your REAL or MAIN or WITHDRAW-ABLE earnings are being stored.

iii...Bonus Account :
This is the account that stores your extra earnings.You cannot cash it out,if it is the only account you have money on or if you don't have any money on or if you don't have any money in your INSTANT PAY Account.There must be money in your INSTANT PAY Account and must be lower to that ,in your BONUS Account.You will be paid the same amount in your INSTANT PAY account.

For Example :

If you have $50 in your INSTANT PAY Account and $60 in your BONUS Account,you will be paid $100 and the remaining $10 in your BONUS Account will be transferred over to next Month or transferred to one of their Partner,an Auction site and use it to bid for items like laptops,phones,cloths,shoes etc.It is very easy to get money into your BONUS Account both as a Regular ( Free ) or Pro ( Upgraded ) member.

6. As a Regular Member,you cannot earn money into your INSTANT PAY Account,instead,you will be getting POINTS and BONUS Money.

7.Regular Member earn in two ways :

i....By referring new member through their referral link who must upgrade.You will get 400 POINTS and $4 into your BONUS Account.
you won't get anything if the person does not upgrade.

ii...By being a GUIDE or MENTOR : If you are able to help any member whether those you referred or old member who hasn't upgraded by guiding them to know what they will get if they upgrade and they eventually upgrade,you will get 400 POINTS and $4 into your BONUS Account for the first Month.
You will be getting 200 Points and $2 into your BONUS Account for life so far the person you are guding remains Upgraded.
The people you wants to guide must LOCK your ID in before Upgrading.To do this,they will go to STATISTIC among the menu on top of the site.On the next page,click on VERIFY/LOCK and type your ID in and click on submit.My ID is 5936.Do Lock me in when you register and i will guide you.
Know that,once you have locked one ID in,it cannot be erased,changed or add another.
You cannot convert POINTS to cash,you can only use it to upgrade or do MASS ADVERTISEMENTS which will be send to all,i mean all member from A to Z.You will earn money for sending such advert only as a Pro member and those Pro member that read it will also get paid.You won't get anything if you are a Regular member for both sending and reading.

8. For Pro ( Upgraded ) Member : They will start earning immediately their upgrading had been confirmed by the Admin.All benefits on the site are opened to them.
By the way,they won't be getting Points,instead,they will be earning money into their both INSTANT PAY and BONUS Account.

Ways of Earning Are :

i....Earn For Referring New Member :
Whenever a member that joined through your link upgrade,you will earn $4 in your INSTANT PAY Account and $4 in your BONUS PAY account.

ii....Earn For being a GUIDE :
When someone you guide upgrade,you will get $4 into your INSTANT PAY Account and $4 into your BONUS Account for the first Month,$2 into your INSTANT PAY Account and another $2 into your BONUS Account for the following Months for life,so far the person you are guiding stays as Pro or Upgraded.Remember,they must have locked your ID in before they upgrade.

iii...Earn For Posting ADVERTS :
You will get $0.30 into your BONUS Account only,when you post your programs or advertise them among the groups that you joined. That is $0.30 for each advert.

iV...Earn For Reading Mass Messages or Adverts ;
You will get $0.30 in your BONUS Accounts for reading MASS MESSAGES or ADVERTS posted by others.

V...Earn For Visiting Groups :
You will get $0.06 into your BONUS Account per each unique visit to a group on the site.Just click on the group's link and you will be getting that.

Vi....Earn For Posting on Groups :
You will earn $0.30 for posting or commenting on each group.Regular Member can also do this but they will only get $0.10.

Vii....Earn For Searching and Clicking :
You earn $0.10 when you search on the site and $1.50 when you click on your Searches.

Viii....Earn From Networking :
Celoy will pay you when you do their offers which will be supplied to you at least twice every Month.You can earn $2, $3, or even thousand Dollars from this into your INSTANT PAY Account.

iX....Earn For Sending Mass Message Or Adverts :
As a Pro Member,you have the opportunity to send your ADVERTS or Programs to all Members of this site and you will be paid $2 per 1000 visits or $2 CPM into your INSTANT PAY Account.

There is a link on the site for that.Just type the message and click send.It will be send to all members.

X....Earn From Being A Pro Member With Flexible Matrix :
You can earn $100,000 from this program.How much you earn depends on how many people you are able to referred.The earning will be moved to your INSTANT PAY Account.

Xi....Earn From Selling Your Stuffs :
You list whatever you are selling on the site and you will be getting $ 2 CPM for visits to your items through their Partners banners.

You can see from above message that,there is no other site as good as this one.You have nothing to lose.Why don't you join now and upgrade and let the earnings start flowing in.
Even if you are only able to refer one member,you are in profit.You get the money you used to upgrade back,together with all the Bonus for REFERRING and being a GUIDE.

Let's say,you paid for the person you referred.

Let's Calculate the Earnings :

i.....Referring earning = $4 Instant Pay and $4 Bonus

ii.....Guide Bonus = $4 Instant Pay and $4 Bonus

Totaling = $8 Instant Pay and $8 Bonus

That is $16.

iii.......Flexible Matrix Bonus : I can't determine that but if added to the $16,the total earning will exceed $20.You will also get the $20 you paid or lend that member.

You can see your gain now.
You can do everything on this site,Socialize,Advertise,Sell Your Items or Products and you will be earning money for them all.
I don't think there is any other social site that can allow you to do that.

Other Facts You Need To Know are :
A.....Payment method are Alertpay and Paypal.

B.....All Country are allowed to join.

C.....Payments are paid automatically on the 5th of the following month,meaning you don't ask for it.

D......You get back every PENNY you spend for upgrading.It will be added to your earnings when payment is been made.

There are still more facts to know about this site.I have compose a better message which will act as your GUIDE on how to successfully work on the site and be making at least $200 monthly.

Do sign up first,go to STATISTIC,on the next page,click on VERIFY/LOCK.

You will be taking to a page where you will enter my ID - 5936 into a box and click on submit.That means you have chosen me as your GUIDE.After you had done that,do write me through my email or send a message to me on the site ( Celoy ) requesting for the full Guide.My Username is Charlly007.

That won't be too hard to get.You can search for it on the search Box.

Sign Up here Now :

Others you can earn from and which are really good are :

This one pays $3 daily when you have 15 comments or post on the topics listed on the site.You can comment on Movies,Musics,Internet,Off Topics,Sports etc.But they pay only to Paypal.
When you want to register,do write CHARLLY007 as your REFERRAL in the Box in front of Referral on the registration form.

This is their rule that you must read.This is compulsory or else,you will never get paid.

Check one of the topics i created or started.

If you can work on this site,you will be making $21 weekly and $84 Monthly.
Know this,when you make a comment or post,it must have at least 50 words and it won't appear on the site immediately.The owner of the site will check it first and see if it is good enough to be posted on the site.If you make post today,leave it till tomorrow for the admin to come online and approve them.If you have up to 15 posts,you will get $3.You don't need to ask for it,it will be done by the admin automatically.

This site pays $20 for writing on any topic or anything of your choice and it is voted good to feature on their front page.Other members will have to vote and comment on it and must have at least 23 votes.You can tell your friends and relatives to sign up and give your write up some votes.That will help you make the front page on time.There is a link in there that will enable you share it on Facebook and Tweet it on Twiiter.
Once the post had made the front page,you will be paid $20 within the next two days top your Paypal account.They pay only to Paypal too but it is not necessary to get your Paypal account verified before you can get the money.Payment can be sent to unverified paypal account without any problem.
Remember,share the post with your friends,tell them to vote and comment on it.
Check mine and please do try to give it a vote if you like it and also comment.

Note :
You must sign up first.When you are done,you also need to upgrade your account by just filling your other information like names,address and Paypal email.That is it.
When you had done that,do remember to vote for me and give my post a reasonable comment after reading it.
Check other write ups too from other members and give them votes if you love their posts.Remember,you have only 5 votes in the morning time and another 5 votes in the evening time.Connect with other members by adding them to your blogger list and ask them to do the same to you too on the comment you make on their posts.Whenever,they make or you make new post,you all will be notified.It is very possible to make the page the very day you make the post.
You can as well let me know of your post by sending the link to my email -

( On getting to the site,click on "Connect With Charles Oluwaseun O Aladesiun" which is my name to sign up )

This is a social sites that pay member for their activities.You use it just like you use facebook and you will be earning money and points which you can either use to order for a MASTER CARD from them or move for any of those items listed in their MALL.There are Phones,Laptops,Netbook,cloths etc.
Try to be active and also refer new member using your referral link which you be username-that is the name you will be using as a member of the site,not your real name.Mine is charlly007 )

My referral link is - do copy it on your browser page to sign up now.Remember to click on " Connect with Charles Oluwaseun Aladesiun " To sign Up.

This is another good site that you can earn hundred of dollars from Monthly.You will be provided with jobs like filling forms online,posting adverts on advertising sites online etc.

You can start as a free member and earn money by referring others to the site who must also sign up through your referral link.
For you to be getting those jobs,you must be an upgraded member with just $25.You can use your earning from referring new members to do that.
This is a good program,i have no doubt on it paying status.If you do your research on Google about it,you won't find any bad comment posted by members or those who had worked on it before.

Sign up now and start making money from it too :

This is another good social site that pays members for their daily activities.You use it just like you are using Facebook and they will be paying you money.
You will be paid to either Paypal or Alertpay.It depends on what you favor.You can make $1000 in a month.This is a promising site,believe me.All you need to do is always log in everyday and click on the two links on top of the site.You will be getting credits for your activities.The amount of credits you have will determine what you will get at the end of the month.Please do sign up.People are seriously making $100 alone on this site.

My username in there is Charlly007.Do sign up now and join me to be making money on the site too.

Go to :
Make sure you also type 'Charlly007" in the Your Referral box.

This site is also the same as the one above.You get paid for log in daily and they pays to both Paypal and Alertpay.Your earnings also depends on the amount of Credits you have.You can make $100 from doing log in daily for thirty days.
Please sign up now :
Do input my username - " Charlly007 "as your referral in the referral box when you are registering.
To go those those site,just copy the link into your browser and click enter and it will load.

Hope you understand all that.


This is a forum site and is the best one i am using right now.I am earning money by chatting on it.We comment or post on other earning sites are we are being paid 4cents for each one.There are alot of things we gain from using the site apart from the earning part.We meet other honest people who we can exchange online money with and get the one easy for us to withdraw to our banks.We learn other ways to make money and also know which site or program is good to earn from and which is not.
Come and join me on the site and let's utilize it.
You can as well put my username as your referral in the referral box.

Check Some of The Proves of Payment I Got From The Lotoftalks Site

i.......You've got cash!

Raja Rajeswar Nunna just sent you money through AlertPay.

Payment Details :

* Date: July 27, 2011 5:50:43 PM
* Amount Sent: $19.60 USD
* Sender Name: Raja Rajeswar Nunna
* Reference Number: 0D94C-ABC9A-D8A9E

ii.....You've got cash!

Raja Rajeswar Nunna just sent you money through Alertpay.

Payment Details :

Date: July 06, 2011 10:16:30 PM
Amount Sent: $18.14 USD
Sender Name: Raja Rajeswar Nunna
Reference Number: 4FABE-AAADD-CB7E6

Thank You very much Admin for another payment.

iii......You have received a payment to your account XXXXXXXXX

Date: 6/11/2011 3:05 PM
Batch: 63122235
From Account:XXXXXXX (LOTraj)
Amount: $11.68
Memo: LOT Payouts

All these are just some of the payment i had got from the site.There are others more and more will still come too.Do join now and let's us start rolling in too.



This is site pays you to listen to musics online.The musics are listed on the site.When you listen to them,you will be given Points and when the points had reached certain amount,the admin will send to you a Visa Card your email address which you can use to fund your Paypal or Alertpay account.You can also use it to buy things online.The amount you will be getting depends on the number of points you have.You can get Visa Card for $1000.
Click on the above link to register now.

I will like to end the message here for now but do remember to get back to me and i will give you the full guide on that site ( Celoy ).there are still alot to learn about the site.Once you read the guide,you will understand everything about the program.
I will also give you other sites from which you can as well make more money.

Don't forget that.Get in touch.

Remember :
Sign up for those programs.Make sure you follow my instructions on each of them.

Do write me through my email - is compulsory.Write me and let me know if you had sign up and do include the Username you used.You can't work on those sites without my help.With my help,you will make good money from them.You also need my help on those online accounts ( Paypal,Alertpay and Libertyreserve ).
There are other good programs too,you will only know about them if i have your contact information ( E-mail ),okay.

Till i hear from you,stay blessed.


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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2011-08-06, 19:04

it al gud
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2011-08-07, 04:48

weldone lol
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2011-08-08, 08:21

...THanks Charles....that was "pure".........
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2013-04-08, 14:41

charles, i realy cant thank you enough for this post...God bless you
i am impressed.
i just sent you a mail..pls read[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   2013-04-08, 15:16

Shine una eyes oh!
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PostSubject: Re: What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.   

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What To Do If You Want To Earn Money Online For Free.
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