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 Fame cost me friends –Mr. Nigeria 2011

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PostSubject: Fame cost me friends –Mr. Nigeria 2011   2015-01-11, 07:43

Deji Bakare (Mr. Nigeria 2011)
My name is Deji Bakare. I’m from a
family of four. I have two brothers
and a sister. I am a native of Isale
Eko, Lagos Island and a graduate of
Lagos State University. I am the
2011 Mr. Nigeria winner. As Mr.
Nigeria, I participated in a
competition called Manhunt
International in Thailand, Bangkok.
I produced a reality show titled Deji
Bakare Talent Search (D’bats),
which was aired on major TV
Stations in Nigeria.
Mr. Nigeria 2011
I became a celebrity when I was
crowned Mr. Nigeria. During my
reign, I engaged youths at seminars
at a talk show tagged Stand Out
With Deji Bakare. At a point, I lost
my privacy and it became difficult
to visit certain places and do
certain things such as eating amala
at a roadside restaurant. It lost my
childhood friends.
I am a supermodel and I am ready
for anything. I will prefer to leave
the pageants for the up- and-
coming models. I travelled to
Canada in 2013 for professional
training in modeling and
cinematography. When I returned
to Nigeria, I established a modeling
academy to train young aspiring
The school of thought which says
guys who participate in beauty
pageants are vain only reflects the
mediocrity of the mind. The
showbiz world is full of razzmatazz
and glitterati. That is the demand of
the profession. While bankers are
known for his trousers and suit, the
doctors for their stethoscopes,
carpenters for their nails and
hammer, showbiz is purely
razzmatazz that requires a bit of
show-off and looking good all the
time is the norm.
I stay scandal-free by keeping
myself busy and minding the type
of friends I keep. I give my parents
credit for the way I was brought up.
It has impacted my life positively.
So, staying scandal-free is not a
problem to me. Some stars
deliberately create scandals to
make themselves outstanding. A
star does not need all that to be
My sense of style is simply natural
and down to earth. I love
wristwatches and shoes. I am not
too crazy about designers and I am
fine with anything that looks good
on me. Style is the real you; it is
what you say, manner of delivery,
and what you wear. It is simply a
way of life.
The result of serious love is
marriage. I consider marriage a
sacrosanct institution that must be
respected and honoured. Marriage
is a fallout of love. You should
never consider marriage when
there is no love. Choosing the right
person for this institution is very
important since a slip can result in
an unplanned negative chain of
events. I take issues relating to
love and marriage as very
important – a subject that should
not be toyed with.
Current projects
I am currently building up a world-
class modeling school named Deji
Bakare Modelling Academy in
Lagos. It is the first of its kind in this
part of the world; most models are
not doing it right and also not
optimally paid.
I like to donate to the church and
Favourite vacation spot
Kenya Safari Region because of its
closeness to nature.
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Fame cost me friends –Mr. Nigeria 2011
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