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 Who cares to know?

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peter pan

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PostSubject: Who cares to know?   2014-12-18, 23:48

Majority of them “The leaders” they don't really
care about anything in as much as their salaries are
always entering their bank accounts. Every morning,
these men and women wake up from bed; you could
imagine the very type of prayers they offer to God!
Equally at night, what are their prayers like?
What a merciful God we all have. Let no one
deceive his or her self because what we have in this
country is government “By itself and for his or
herself”. Many have actually forgotten that they
started from somewhere, its no longer a thing to
consider after all they have the money and the
They have all made themselves small tiny Gods, on
the last day, there won't be any sort of hiding place
for anyone. For every beat of what you have done,
be rest and fully assured that you will stand to
give account of. Why people forgetting that they
will die someday.
Majority don't even care to know were that might be
their destination after death, all they are
concerned about is earthly and materialistic things.
Woe be tide on anyone who thinks that to enrich his
or herself with public funds is to show that he or
she is smart and powerful. Acquire everything and
allow people that you are governing and continue
to speak grammers for them on daily basis, mind
you, your days are numbered.
Death don't respect anyone, in as much as the poor
people you claim to represent are dying, equally
you will join them. God bless.

by Aneke Peter
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PostSubject: Re: Who cares to know?   2014-12-19, 05:12

Nice one bro , i don't think they can change because they are eating together with a devil in the same plate, they won't change till the death come .
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Who cares to know?
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